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Work with Bangor University

North Wales BIBBA groups have teamed up with South Clwyd Beekeepers and Bangor University.
The first study by Bangor concerned a survey of bee wings throughout South Clwyd. The wings were analysed using DrawWing and Morphplot. The samples were collected by BIBBA breeding groups and members of SCBKA and then tested by a number of BIBBA queen rearers and the Bangor researcher Elise Keller.

A similar study was conducted in 2015 by Bangor’s Sue Loughran and a third one in 2016 by Bangor’s Cheryl Owen.

Starting this winter it is hoped that a particularly interesting study will be conducted which compares the DNA of the samples collected in 2015 and 2016 with their wing patterns and behavioural traits.

BIM 40 – Winter 2012

  • From the treasurer – Iain Harley
  • Beekeeping in Switzerland – Roger Patterson
  • Help West Highland bees – Kate Atchley
  • Workshops – Terry Clare
  • Towards 50 years – Will Messenger
  • Project Discovery update – Terry Clare
  • Ludlow & District group – Mike Saunders
  • Coorecorder v DrawWing – Conan McDonnell
  • Morphometry in practice – Terry Clare
  • Imported Queens part 1 – Will Messenger

BIBBA Conference 2023

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NatBIP News No8

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Let’s Go Beekeeping!

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Live @ The Hive

Live @ The Hive “Live @ the Hive” features Roger Patterson bringing you live sessions direct from his home apiary in West Sussex, although occasionally there may be other locations featured. We are restricted because of bandwidth. Drawing on about 60 years experience, gained by observing countless free-living and managed…