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Queen Rearing and Bee Improvement Courses

BIBBA are committed to helping beekeepers to improve their bees and those of the surrounding area, by raising queens from their better colonies and culling the poorer ones. Bee Improvement should be of interest to all beekeepers and for a number of reasons including temper, quietness on the combs and…

Improving bees by raising your own queens

The improvement of bees is an important part of beekeeping. The suitability of bees to the environment and their temper are issues that concern the caring beekeeper, but are not often included in tuition.

This course will cover many of the topics and techniques that will suit the “ordinary” beekeeper, with a large practical element

BIM 51 – Summer 2018

  • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
  • Albert Knight – J. Phipps, D. Allen and A. Stokes
  • BIBBA Conference – Roger Patterson
  • Shakespeare’s Bees – Gaynor Smith
  • Just look what happens if . . . – Dorian Pritchard
  • In Memory of Abess – Dawn Boswell-Challand
  • Sustainable Beekeeping – David Ledger
  • Two days at Cilgwri – David Spalding
  • Stratford-upon-Avon BIG – Terry Hitchman
  • West Suffolk BIG course – Kevin Thorn
  • Book Reviews – Philip Denwood
  • The Honey Badger’s Story – Mike Taylor

BIM 46 – Winter 2015

  • The Honey Bee family – Brian Dennis
  • A word from Brother Adam – Brian Dennis
  • QR – some experiences – Roger Patterson
  • BIBBA Conference – Roy Norris
  • The BIfA workshop – Katey Slater
  • Grafting – Roger Patterson
  • Assessment of the black bee – Willie Robson
  • News from SICAMM – Philip Denwood
  • Dark Bee Seminar – Philip Denwood
  • The BIBBA Course – Mike du Feu
  • Dark Bee breeding project – Margie Ramsay
  • From the Archives – R Smailes
  • IBRA Press Release – Norman Carreck

“Bee Improvement for All” (BIFA) Days

“Bee Improvement for all” is a one day course that is designed to help beekeepers to improve their bees by using some of the opportunities that bees give them during the season, as well as giving information to those who wish to raise more queens .

BIM 33 – Winter 2010

  • Cornbrook revisited – Sandra Unwin
  • Local Queen Programme – Roger Patterson
  • Assessment of colonies – Jo Widdicombe
  • The BIBBA record card – Philip Denwood
  • Groups – Terry Clare
  • A model agreement – Terry Clare
  • Queen rearing group – Roger Patterson
  • Warnholz Mini BiVo nuc – Dave Cushman
  • The Harding Mini Nuc – John Harding
  • Bee improvement – Roger Patterson
  • Entombment follow-up – Dave Cushman
  • BBKA Forum – Roger Patterson
  • Morphometry Course – Dinah Sweet