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The Honeybees of the British Isles – Beowulf Cooper – download pdf

Members can download a copy of this book free of charge for their personal use, if logged in to the website.This electronic download is ONLY available to current BIBBA members. It is strictly copyright protected against any distribution, loaning, display, broadcasting, selling or copying. By downloading this file, you agree to these terms and […]
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[…]whilst still retaining the acronym BIBBA, to reflect the true activity of the members. Beowulf Cooper recognised that the native bee, Apis mellifera mellifera (the Dark European Honeybee) was very much alive and kicking in spite of Brother Adam and others pronouncement of its demise as long ago as 1920. Beo, as he was known to his friends, was an […]

Roger Patterson

[…]these imports were not well suited to our climate and conditions. A chance meeting with Beowulf Cooper resulted in him joining VBBA (now BIBBA) in 1965. At one stage he ran 130 colonies, now reduced to around 25. He is the Apiary Manager at his local BKA, where he manages between 30-50 colonies for teaching purposes. Roger concentrates on teaching […]

Clive de Bruyn “BIBBA in the Isle of Man 40+ years ago”

[…]of the Village Bee Breeders Association (now BIBBA). In 1972 the committee met at Beo’s (Beowulf Cooper) house at Whitegates (Thulston, Derby), where he proposed that we should organize a conference/workshop on the Isle of Man. Beo had visited the Island previously and discovered a drone congregation (DC). The investigation of the DC was to be the main focus of […]
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Adrian Waring

[…]A Man and his Bees by Harold Lund Adrian Waring was an early member of BIBBA and knew Beowulf Cooper.  With a membership number of 62 he was the longest serving member of the association, a fact of which he was extremely proud.  On one occasion, Beo was travelling to a meeting with Adrian, one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding […]

Philip Denwood “Towards a History of the Dark Bee in Britain”

[…]at the National Honey Show in 1972. He served on the BIBBA Committee for many years. After Beowulf Cooper’s death he collected his published and unpublished writings and from them compiled “The Honeybees of the British Isles”. He edited many issues of The Bee breeder in the 1980s and since 2003 has edited Bee Improvement and Conservation. He is also […]
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The Dark Bee Apis mellifera mellifera in the United Kingdom

[…]Research 47/4, 318-322. Bailey, Leslie. Honeybee Pathology. London: Academic Press 1981, 81-5. Cooper, Beowulf A. The Honeybees of the British Isles. Codnor: BIBBA, 31. Cooper, 18-21. “JFH”. British Bee Journal Dec 10 1925, p.519. Snelgrove, L.E. Queen Rearing. Bleadon: 3rd ed. 1966, 108-113. Adam, Brother. In Search of the Best Strains of Bees. Weierbach: Walmar Verlag 1966, 123-4. Cooper, 21-9. […]
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BIM 49 – Spring 2017

[…]bees more difficult, but not impossible. If you can get the agreement of others surrounding an uncooperative beekeeper, you can, within a short time, reduce their detrimental effect. What is agreement? The minimum that you need is a verbal agreement but written agreement not to import bees may be preferable. If beekeepers enter into the spirit of selective breeding by […]

BIM 50 – Winter 2017

[…]outside the hive and be transported for much longer than is usually said Winter Losses – Beowulf Cooper a necessary part of strain maintenance … SICAMM Conference – Philip Denwood Finland, from 12th-17th July 2018 Locally Adapted Bees – Dorian Pritchard Admittedly natural selection is not what it was 10,000 years ago, but we also don’t want a bee exactly […]

Lester Wickham

[…]me overnight as I travelled from Durham to his house in Yorkshire and we travelled together to Beo Cooper’s house in Derbyshire.  After Beo’s untimely death he was one of a small dedicated group who decided to continue with BIBBA.  Lester served as Treasurer and worked hard to build up membership as we held committee meetings in a variety of […]

BIBBA Monthly – December 2020

[…]Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP) has proved to be a huge success.  Founded in 1964, by Beowulf Cooper & others, BIBBA offers support and guidance for those that are interested in the conservation, restoration, study, selection & improvement of the native & near-native honeybees of Britain & Ireland and the NatBIP is there to help as many beekeepers as possible become […]

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]David Buckley's blog recounting his introduction to beekeeping and encounters with Beo Cooper Buckley's Bees Blog BIBBA at BeeTradex Liz Childerley Saturday 11th March saw BIBBA represented at BeeTradex which was held, as usual at the NAC in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The day was a huge success with six of the Trustees volunteering to staff the Stand across the course of […]

NatBIP News No8

[…]surviving member of BIBBA with over 55 years of experience and has worked closely with Beowulf Cooper. Emma writes: Buckley’s Bees are looking for additional part-time beekeepers, throughout the UK, to work with our ever-growing business and enthusiastic team – people who are passionate about these fantastic creatures and the good they do in the world. In addition to genuinely […]