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Contact Us

If you have a query, check to see if the answer is in the FAQs. If not, please contact the appropriate person from the list below:   Chair Selwyn Runnett email Membership Nick Mawby email Website Nick Mawby email Secretary Richard Senior email Treasurer Alla Neal email Publicity & Marketing email Groups Brian Holdcroft email Scientific & Technical Selwyn Runnett […]


[…]until his current annual subscription has been paid in full. Honorary and Life Members shall contact the Secretary at least every 5 years. If such contact is not made, membership will deem to have been terminated. 14. Honorary Officers. The Association shall on the recommendation of the Central Committee elect a President to serve as an Officer of the Association. […]

Find, Mark & Clip the Queen

[…]go deep into the flesh and it is easy to pull out the sting by raising the rubber at the point of contact. A very small amount of venom is received with each of these minor stings and this has the effect of gradually conferring a certain degree of immunity to the recipient. Indeed, nowadays I find it necessary to […]

Roger Patterson

[…]the company of his border collies Nell and Rosie. For any queries on events or education, please contact Roger 01403 […]

Jo Widdicombe

[…]Hopes it will lead to a reduction in imports and an improvement in the quality of our bees. Contact Jo: Roseland Newport Street Millbrook Torpoint Cornwall PL10 1BW 01752 822541 07908 […]

Terry Hitchman

[…]Council for 38 years and the Parochial Church Council for 39 years, 12 years as Churchwarden. Contact Terry: […]

Honey bee origins, evolution & diversity – Ashleigh Milner

[…]apparently physically separated at the time of the last glaciation and there was no subsequent contact between them until that brought about by human intervention in recent times. In the post glacial period mellifera and cerana (and to a lesser extent dorsata and florea) have shown similar evolution into geographical subspecies, or races. The development of subspecies Although it has […]
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East Midlands Bee Improvement Group-NG11

[…]for breeder potential.   If you are interested in finding out more about the Group please contact Alan Wilkins the Group Secretary on   The BIBBA East Midlands Bee Improvement Group is participating in The National Bee Improvement Programme – […]


[…]will benefit from a 50% reduction in their first subscription [/column-half-2] Any queries? Contact the Membership Secretary: we will acknowledge receipt of your payment by email; please allow 15 days (to cover our holidays) then email if you have not heard from […]

Nick Mawby

[…]Nick will take off in his campervan. For any comments regarding membership or the website contact Nick […]


[…]For Engaging Lecturers Good Lecturers get booked up well in advance. Make contact as far in advance as possible. Confirm booking in writing or by email. Have a back up in case there are last minute problems. Even a hastily arranged question and answer session would be suitable. Make sure your event is financially viable. Don’t expect the Lecturer to […]

Thank You

[…]will be dispatched shortly. The address you have registered with PayPal will be used for delivery; contact to use an alternative If you have any queries please contact: Alla […]
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Wight Bees – PO35

Bee Improvement on the Isle of Wight contact Derek Sothcott 01983 […]

Join a Group

BIBBA are encouraging beekeepers to join together to form groups. If you are already running a Bee Improvement group working towards raising local queens or improving Apis melifera melifera stocks, or if you wish to start and organise such a group, please complete this form: If you do not feel able to set up a group yourself but would […]

BBOBI Group – March April 2019 Newsletter

[…]been included to try help you Google your way. As with all our communications – please make contact if you wish to be removed from the list. We’ll start with the wider activities of the group members: Two social meetings at Row Barge Pub in Henley to further the education portion of our aims. Interesting discussions included lectures attended at […]


contact M Mends 01646 […]

Upper Maelor-LL11

[…]with other AMM bee breeders, particularly those based on Hope mountain only a few miles away. contact Eifion […]

Cheshire Honeybee Improvement Partnership (CHIP)- CW9

[…]into selective and practical queen rearing groups in their locality   For more information please contact    […]
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Wednesday Dinner Menu

Please check that you are happy with the menu before booking for the conference dinner. We will contact you in advance to ascertain your […]

Event Info

[…]would like an event in your area, either a standard one or something different to suit you, please contact BIBBA Conference and Workshop Secretary Roger Patterson by email to discuss […]

2 Day Bee Improvement Course. North Wales.

if you wish to book or have any queries, please contact Steve Rose more […]

Bee Breeding and Queen Rearing Courses UK

[…]would like an event in your area, either a standard one or something different to suit you, please contact BIBBA Conference and Workshop Secretary Roger Patterson by email to discuss it.   for dates and venues of events […]

2 Day Bee Improvement Course: Suffolk

[…]4 July the event £60 if booked on or after 4 July. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments Contact Kevin Thorn, , 07557 418418, 75 Head Lane, Great Cornard, Sudbury Suffolk, CO10 0JS more info Powered by […]

Bee Improvement For All: West Sussex

[…]details of course content please email Roger Patterson To book contact Daisy Booking Form     more […]

BIM 49 – Spring 2017

[…]forty Cheshire beekeepers interested in selective breeding within a group. I will update these contacts and put people in touch with others in their area. Selecting suitable queens Those who have partnered up with at least one other like thinking beekeeper are in a position to start dark bee queen rearing. There are a few ways of choosing the breeder […]


[…]committee members are the trustees of the charity (No 273827 Registered in England & Wales) contact information here COMMITTEE MEMBERS LISTED BY LENGTH OF BIBBA […]

East Midlands further notes

Further notes: We currently have a committee of six and 8 other members in total (who I’m contacting to see if the new location is still convenient for them) and 4 others whose expressed an interest in joining the group. So we are in flux but very stable given the significance of moving our apiary after 50 years at the […]

Wheal Primrose

[…]and Varroa resistance. The group are happy to share virgin queens with other local beekeepers. contact Nick Jones […]

Lancashire Black Bee Project

[…]encourage Lancashire beekeepers to use localised, near-native bees For more information contact Simon or Kath via or visit […]

Lilac Cottage – TA11

[…]aim to work with the B4 project to establish breeding stock, and a mating area in North Somerset contact Jon Penton 07712 […]

Bee improvement for all day- Lanarkshire

£10 a head; tea and coffee provided, bring your own packed lunch Contact details Susan Fotheringham Bank details for BACS payments (preferred): Lloyds Bank Sort code: 30-98-97 Account number: 30350560 Directions: CLYDESMILL M74 southbound CLYDESMILL M74 […]