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BIBBA Buzz 11 – July 2017

BIBBA Conference 2018 We need a venue for the next conference. Going backwards they have been held in The Isle of Man, Llangollen, Scotland, Ireland and Stoneleigh. It seems reasonable to move the conference around to satisfy all our members, but at the same time the location needs to have good transport connections. We need two rooms that will take […]

Clive de Bruyn “BIBBA in the Isle of Man 40+ years ago”

[…]of queens and nuclei whilst undertaking overseas extension work in the winter. Lecture Title: “BIBBA in the Isle of Man 40+ years ago” In the 1970s I was the group’s secretary of the Village Bee Breeders Association (now BIBBA). In 1972 the committee met at Beo’s (Beowulf Cooper) house at Whitegates (Thulston, Derby), where he proposed that we should organize […]
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Why does BIBBA advise buying bees and queens locally?

A Why does BIBBA advise buying bees and queens locally? Conditions can vary considerably even over a relatively short distance. An example is that one area may have oil seed rape as the main nectar source, yet only a few miles away it might be heather. The former needs a bee that builds up much earlier in the season than […]

September 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]the support from B 4, Pollenize, Bee craft magazine,St Marys boating, wildflower collective.   If Bibba members would like to engage and  register their meadows no matter how small on as a way to match and swap seeds. Willie Robson at the National Honey Show Roger Patterson will be in discussion with Willie Robson at The National Honey Show (click […]

August 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]used initially in the 2021 season. The Sandringham Flower Show provided a unique opportunity for BIBBA to showcase the project to locals and visitors alike. I had the privilege to join BIBBA member, and project leader, Eric Marshall and his team Chris, Joanne, John and Marion on the Sandringham Special Apiary stand. The team had two observation hives for members […]

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]be creating a specialist area within our Website for professional and commercial beekeepers: Selwyn Runnett Tel: 0330 223 6141 Recommended YouTube Video Mike Palmer - "The Sustainable Apiary" The sustainable apiary talks at length about the folly of importing bees from warmer climates to the frozen north. “Bees from faraway places never do as well as local bees, the […]

BIBBA YouTube Videos

All the videos on the list below are recordings of presentations that have been organised by BIBBA. They have been arranged into groups under headings to help viewers see what may be suitable for them. The list will be expanded when new videos are produced. All videos have good sound information that is suitable for beekeepers in the British Islands […]