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Leek and Moorlands – ST9

[…]Miller method for cell raising, and grafed larvae and also used the Jenter  system..  We used Apidea mini-nucs for mating.  We also trained 4 members in instrumental insemination. Further Info You can see full details and register for information on our meetup site […]

BBOBI Group – March April 2019 Newsletter

[…]from timber. Mating preparations have started; making Queen Castles and attending lectures on Apidea management Activities we have planned: Swarm control !!! 🙂 More evening social meetings Apiary visits in BBOBI area to encourage others to have a go at rearing queens Mount Edgcumbe return visit to catch up on their black AMM rearing project and reserve in their newly […]

Some history of the East Midlands group

[…]sometimes twice weekly, the mileage had shot up to well over 1,000 miles during the season. We use Apidea mini-nucs, and these are mounted on a stake with a crossbar on which the mini-nuc rests. A thick band of rubber cut from a car inner tube straps the nuc to the stake. The mini-nucs are sited so as to give […]

Albert Knight

[…]of articles, leaflets and booklets. He compiled and edited the booklet “BIBBA Guide to Managing Apidea Mini-nucs” that is still relevant and popular. Albert was a very competent bee breeder and queen rearer who spoke and demonstrated this side of the craft widely. On several occasions I have had beekeepers show me a handout they had obtained from one of […]

Conserving black bees

[…]from these sources and also from grafting and dedicated cell raisers are mated from some 100 Apidea mini mat­ing nucs. Careful record keeping of mated queens ensures queen lines are maintained. Colonsay offers the ideal isolation for an island mating station. However, the Hebridean islands are not the place to risk a pension on a queen rearing business! Swarm inspections […]

East Midlands 1998

[…]Ratnieks of Sheffield University,  who not only obtained this, but cut it up for us to suit the Apidea frames. All we had to do was to fix it in position using “Pipeweld”, a cement for use with plastics. This actually melts both the foundation and the plastic frames at the point of application, welding both together into a rigid […]

NatBIP News No6

[…]We really don’t know why. So that was disappointing, but we decided that we would use one of the Apideas to unite with the colony rather than them raising a new queen cell. After what seemed a long wait, we decided to check the apideas and see if the queens had started to lay. We did notice that some were […]