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[…]Accounts- to AGM 2017 Standing Orders present Budget 2017 BIBBA_Trustee_s_Report_2017 AGM-2017-programme-agenda-v2-1 2016 AGM […]

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

Beowulf: my mentor and friend     Read David Buckley's blog recounting his introduction to beekeeping and encounters with Beo Cooper Buckley's Bees Blog BIBBA at BeeTradex Liz Childerley Saturday 11th March saw BIBBA represented at BeeTradex which was held, as usual at the NAC in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The day was a huge success with six of the Trustees volunteering […]

Colony Increase – The Roger Patterson Method

[…]our association to do for our new bee keeping entrants. Roger explains everything very pragmatically and makes no drama of the process, or needing piles of kit. A few nuc boxes and a strong colony is all that’s really required.Rogers hints and tips as you read through make perfect sense. This is a great addition to any Beekeepers reading, and […]
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Reports and Accounts

[…]2019 BIBBA 2018 trustees report BIBBA 2018 final accounts AGM 2018 BIBBA Report and Accounts to AGM 2018 AGM 2017 BIBBA Trustees’ Report to AGM 2017 BIBBA Accounts- to AGM 2017 AGM 2016 BIBBA Trustees’ Report to AGM 2016 BIBBA Accounts to AGM […]

NatBIP News No3

[…]Widdicombe If you are a BIBBA Member, you may have joined us at our recent AGM where there was a bit of a ‘cabinet reshuffle’ and some Trustees stood down, and others swapped places.  We are delighted to welcome our new Chair, Selwyn Runnet and Vice-Chair Nick Mawby (who is also our webmaster and Membership Secretary).  And with a heavy […]

Webinars – Summary

Recordings of the majority of webinars are also available on our YouTube Channel Don’t forget to sign up here, for free, to learn more about our future […]

BIBBA Monthly – December 2020

[…]to committee. Like all Trustees, they will be subject to re-election each year by members at the AGM. At the moment, we are planning to have the AGM as an online event towards the end of March 2021. The new Trustees (in alphabetical order) are: Jonathan Brookhouse Brian Holdcroft Selwyn Runnett Richard Senior Robert Silver Each of these has already […]

BIBBA Webinars – The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

[…]for his scientific perspective on the bees and, most recently, to Peter for his practical and pragmatic experiences and views. We have the final five sessions to host as follows (all are Tuesdays at 7.30pm):- 5 20th Oct “Resilient Honeybees” by Grace McCormack 6 27th Oct “Where we are, how we got here and how we can move on…….” by […]
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Lester Wickham

[…]the Autumn 2003 issue of BIM, Albert Knight wrote: Lester retired as Treasurer of BIBBA at the AGM this year after serving in that position for 11 years. During this time he has guided us through on a steady even keel financially, and we have much to thank him for. Lester joined BIBBA back in 1975 at the BIBBA workshop […]

Reports and Accounts

[…]2018 trustees report   BIBBA 2018 final accounts AGM 2018 BIBBA Report and Accounts to AGM 2018 AGM 2017 BIBBA Trustees’ Report to AGM 2017   BIBBA Accounts- to AGM 2017 AGM 2016 BIBBA Trustees’ Report to AGM 2016  BIBBA Accounts to AGM […]

Albert Knight

[…]show how much Albert did for BIBBA, including a 19 year stint as secretary. At the 2006 BIBBA AGM Albert was presented with a crystal vase in recognition of many years outstanding service by BIBBA President Micheál Mac Giolla Coda. Failing eyesight unfortunately curtailed Albert’s beekeeping, but he still retained a keen interest in what was happening. He, along with […]

BIM 50 – Winter 2017

From the President – Jo Widdicombe 54 AGM Notice B4 Press Release England’s first native bee reserve Mount Edgcumbe – Mark Edwards The apiary looks picturesque as the hives are situated in an old Victorian garden BIBBA Conference – Roger Patterson An interesting programme is being planned with three streams More Queen Rearing Myths Busted– Roger Patterson I have been […]

Black Bee Reserve

Black Bee Reserve England’s First Black Bee Reserve at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park On a glorious sunny day in one of our most beautiful country parks in the grounds of Mount Edgcumbe House, Cornwall, a crowd gathered to celebrate the opening of England’s first Black Bee Reserve.The spacious public viewing room allows close observation of the bees in the apiary, […]

BIM 49 – Spring 2017

[…]to a purer strain from a hybridised bee, the position that most of us find ourselves in. Our AGM, on April 9th at Harper Adams, is when a new committee is elected. It is your chance to have a say in what BIBBA should be doing as well as your opportunity to get involved in the running of BIBBA. To […]

BIM 48 – Winter 2016/17

[…]bees and if enough of us do that then we can, in fact, eventually change the national picture. 53 AGM Notice at Harper Adams University on Sunday 9th April 2017 Miniature tracking device – Paul Cross Development of a miniature, battery-less tracking device for honey and bumble bees BIBBA Conference – Viki Cuthbertson My friend and fellow beekeeper had agreed […]

BIM 47 – Autumn 2016

[…]are going to do. I believe we should be aiming for 3 magazines per year, one every four months. 53 AGM Notice the AGM will take place at Harper Adams University TF10 8NB on Sunday 9th April 2017 From the Chair – Phil Khorassandjian Another use of technology has been to develop the email-based BIBBA Buzz… Seventy years ago – […]


Beekeeping Lecturers The following list of lecturers and demonstrators is intended to help event organisers plan their programme. All of them support the aims of BIBBA, but BIBBA are unable to verify their knowledge, ability or suitability to your requirements. Please make arrangements directly with the speaker. Roger Patterson Roger Lives in West Sussex and will travel any distance. Tel […]

Brian Dennis

[…]took on the roles of Secretary and Chairman and was responsible for the present Constitution & AGM Standing Orders. In 2012 I returned to the committee.When I retired from the committees, I was awarded Honorary Memberships of both NBKA and BIBBA.In 1992 I was elected on to the BBKA committee and served for six years and was involved in education […]

BIM 41 – Spring 2013

[…]groups situated in Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham and just over the border in West Shropshire. AGM Proposal 2012 – Will Messenger A proposal to modify the aims of BIBBA – no, not another one! The Native Bee – Dorian Pritchard The Native Bee shows its mettle: 2012 was by common consent a rotten year for beekeeping. Wing Morphometry Service – Will […]

BIM 37 – Spring 2012

[…]Report – Will Messenger Trustees’ Annual Report – Will Messenger Notice of the AGM What’s in a Name – Will Messenger Report and Accounts A Proposal – Jo Widdicombe The BIBBA Constitution Genetic Influence – David Campbell Project Discovery – Terry Clare A Bright Future – Dorian Pritchard Dave Cushman’s Website – Roger Patterson Wing Morphometry – Peter Edwards Galtee […]

BIM 34 – Spring 2010

[…]Mussen Isle of Man workshop – Doris Fischler A note on MorphPlot – Peter Edwards Galtee Group AGM – Mary Ryan Helen Sanders – David Allen BIBBA Conference BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 32 – Autumn 2009

[…]races of honey bees – Dinah Sweet Report on the 2nd lecture of Dr. Robert Paxton to the BIBBA AGM in April 2009 Isle of Wight disease in Warwickshire – Brian Milward This is an extract from the history of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association from notes by Anthony Rawlings, Griff Jenkins – obituary by Albert Knight Griff made his mark in […]

John Dew’s Views – the Best Bee

[…]1859 (the date of the first recorded importation of foreign bees into Britain) and also honeybee fragments from the Viking excavation in York, circa 1000 AD, and from that at Oslo, circa 1200 AD, which confirmed the morphometric standards of the Dark bee. Samples from New Zealand and Tasmania, descended from bees taken from this country more than 150 years […]


[…]Deputy Chairman. In the absence of The President the Chairman or Deputy Chairman shall chair the AGM and the Secretary shall chair the first committee meeting until a Chairman is appointed. The Secretary together with the Chairman shall ensure that the administration of the Association is carried out in the most efficient manner in the interests of members of the […]