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Section 4.14 – NatBIP 1 Record Card Instructions

[…]1 How to use This card is designed to be a multipurpose card that can be used for normal hive management as well as for bee improvement in one apiary, multiple apiaries, or in a bee improvement group. The data collected on each card is for one colony. The summaries at the end of the season can be collated onto […]
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Section 5.1 – Queen Rearing Methods

[…]to refine or improve the technique over time. Although there is an enormous array of information available on queen rearing, it is appropriate to include a few techniques that beekeepers have found work well for them, from the simplest methods to the more advanced ones. There are a few simple rules to rearing good queens and these should be adhered […]

Why do the bees rear so many drones?

[…]at present some 30 colonies in several apiaries, plus 20 hives in two apiaries in the Tiverton area as part of an independent association - Mid-Devon BEES - that a few of us have started three years ago, teaching beginners and others, with a bias toward conservation and the environment, rearing our own queens from black bees. Why do […]