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Section 4.14 – NatBIP 1 Record Card Instructions

[…]stage through the season Summaries (at foot of table) Native Appearance – Average of last 3 recordings Temperament - Average of last 6 recordings Swarming Propensity - Last assessment of season Brood pattern/health - Average of any recordings Honey yield - Total for season Amount fed - Total for season RHY - Relative honey yield Allows more meaningful comparison between […]
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[…]left by Beo. This sets out the management techniques developed by Beo based on observation and recording, and contains a wealth of information on many aspects of the craft that is rarely mentioned in other publications.Beo Cooper died suddenly in 1982, but he left behind an organisation that has continued with policies formed at its inception. As BIBBA attracted members […]


[…]through the eyes of biologist Randy Oliver: “this site is a record of my learning process as I try to understand aspects of colony health and productivity, and the reasons why various management techniques work (or don’t)” NBU- National Bee Unit – BeeBase BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) National Bee Unit website providing information for beekeepers […]


[…]Committee meetings together with an agenda of the business to be conducted thereat. The attendance record of all members at Central Committee meetings shall be recorded in the Annual Report. Executive members are not empowered to appoint deputies to the Central Committee. No employee of the Association shall be a member of the Central Committee but they may be invited […]

Find, Mark & Clip the Queen

[…]the queen help in finding her during the rest of her life, but a queen which has been marked and recorded will be ” dated ” and so it is always possible to determine her age by reference to the hive card or record book. She can be easily and quickly found at any time. It is possible to ascertain […]

Bee Improvement and Bee Breeding Groups

[…]and experience.A local group can pool expertise of different disciplines… honey bee management, record keeping, queen rearing, equipment making, administration, etc. More beekeepers means there are more colonies to select material from and to provide good quality drones, as well as maximising the number of colonies under management, evaluation and study.Groups can liaise with one another and with scientific institutions if […]

Honey bee origins, evolution & diversity – Ashleigh Milner

[…]in the colony. The present situation Apiculture has been practiced in Europe and Asia throughout recorded history. For most of the time the honey bees kept in any country would be indigenous to the locality. In the New World countries, where the true honey bees, Apinae, were originally absent, the early settlers imported the bees with which they were familiar. […]
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Downloads Old

[…]form is based on the Galtee Bee Breeding Group’s ten column method of recording developed by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda  Tom Robinson’s Table  Download  This Microsoft Excel file was written by Angus Stokes and Albert Knight and provides an interactive way to prepare timetables for using the Jenter or Cupkit Cellplug Box. The original table written in 1995, but it has […]