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Section 4.14 – NatBIP 1 Record Card Instructions

Colony Record Card – NatBIP 1 How to use This card is designed to be a multipurpose card that can be used for normal hive management as well as for bee improvement in one apiary, multiple apiaries, or in a bee improvement group. The data collected on each card is…

Section 4.1 – NatBIP Record Card

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How I select my ‘Breeder Queens’

At the start of a new season I like to make a shortlist of which queens are good enough to breed from, in other words, to become my breeder queens. I do this by looking at the current condition of the colony as well as looking at the record of past performance.

Wight Bee Improvement Group

Queen Rearing will only be carried out using IOW mongrel stock, members will be encouraged to keep records of all their own stock, using only those considered to be worthy of passing on their bloodlines

BIM 40 – Winter 2012

  • From the treasurer – Iain Harley
  • Beekeeping in Switzerland – Roger Patterson
  • Help West Highland bees – Kate Atchley
  • Workshops – Terry Clare
  • Towards 50 years – Will Messenger
  • Project Discovery update – Terry Clare
  • Ludlow & District group – Mike Saunders
  • Coorecorder v DrawWing – Conan McDonnell
  • Morphometry in practice – Terry Clare
  • Imported Queens part 1 – Will Messenger

BIM 33 – Winter 2010

  • Cornbrook revisited – Sandra Unwin
  • Local Queen Programme – Roger Patterson
  • Assessment of colonies – Jo Widdicombe
  • The BIBBA record card – Philip Denwood
  • Groups – Terry Clare
  • A model agreement – Terry Clare
  • Queen rearing group – Roger Patterson
  • Warnholz Mini BiVo nuc – Dave Cushman
  • The Harding Mini Nuc – John Harding
  • Bee improvement – Roger Patterson
  • Entombment follow-up – Dave Cushman
  • BBKA Forum – Roger Patterson
  • Morphometry Course – Dinah Sweet

Queen Rearing and Bee Improvement Courses

BIBBA are committed to helping beekeepers to improve their bees and those of the surrounding area, by raising queens from their better colonies and culling the poorer ones. Bee Improvement should be of interest to all beekeepers and for a number of reasons including temper, quietness on the combs and…

BIBBA Conference 2023

BIBBA: Supporting Practical Beekeeping The 2023 BIBBA conference will be held in Carmarthen on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September. To help those travelling a long distance, the facility will be open to attendees from midday Friday 1st September. There will be a wide variety of topics to suit all…