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August 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]seeing some in three out of the four apiaries I recently used for the BIBBA Bee Improvement and Queen Rearing courses. At one of them, the first two colonies I inspected had problems. I have recently found something that is connected but slightly different in one of my colonies called Violet. As a keen amateur naturalist, I name my colonies […]

A Simple Method of Simultaneously Raising Queens and Producing Nuclei

[…]Beachaire (The Irish Beekeeper) The reader may groan and sigh, “not another queen-rearing method,” and I agree that there seems to be an endless number of ways of rearing queens, including the Miller, Hopkins, Alley, Harden and Harding methods.  Although sometimes seen as a black art, queen-rearing is an important part of beekeeping, and every beekeeper should have access to […]
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Improving bees by raising your own queens

[…]distribution. Queen introduction. Mating control. Some of the myths of bee improvement and queen rearing. Experience shows that each course is different, being tailored to suit the location and the needs of attendees, but including much of the above. What equipment is needed? There will be time spent at the bees, so bring clean protective clothing. It is asked that […]

BOBBI Spring 2022 Newsletter

[…]members every Saturday and they spent the day with Brian Green and I, going through the entire queen rearing process.   We hope to do something similar this year, so watch this space for dates and times. Joining BBOBIIf anyone from Bucks, Berks or Oxfordshire would be interested in joining BBOBI, please feel free to contact Brian Green directly and we […]

NatBIP News No8

[…]to suit your own requirements and allow you to select for the qualities that are important to you. Queen rearing Some relish the challenge of queen rearing, whilst others find it a bit daunting. Techniques described in the Guide, can be as simple as building a colony up on two brood boxes and then dividing into two, to produce a […]

Let’s Go Beekeeping!

[…]brood combs; Making up a two frame nuc; Roger’s inspection kit; cold or warm way?; Protecting a queen cell; Assembling national frames and boxes; and, most recently, the Toggle hive strap. For three days, except for a change of clothes, this is how we were dressed. The bees were a delight. Like all of Roger’s presentations, what you see is what […]