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March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]you consider them seriously, as I think they will be much better than the plastic ones. Just punch in “beehive rotating entrance closure” in the usual place. Roger Patterson BIBBA and Commercial Beekeepers From its foundation in 1964, BIBBA has always had a membership of both commercial and non-commercial beekeepers and has been committed to reducing the introgression of non-native […]

NatBIP News No1

[…]Card The card can be printed out on A4 paper, one for each colony. It is convenient to punch holes and store in a ring binder for use in the apiary, at each inspection. Some use it as a management record as well as for recording the qualities and performance of each colony, whilst others may prefer to also use […]

Bee Improvement Strategies – Kevin Thorn -part two

[…]– Selection Criteria? 2) What method of transferring larvae will you use, Grafting, Nicot, Cell Punch, Miller, Natural (Swarm cell or emergency cell)? To name a few. 3) What set up of starter colony will you have? Queenless, Queen Right or temporarily queenless then queen right e.g a Cloake board (there are several variations of each of these). 4) Will […]
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BBOBI Group – March April 2019 Newsletter

[…]members adding drone comb foundation to their hives in March during those few warm days A cell punch kit has be made from the following instructions Polymath and Cushman – this kit is ready to be deployed. The first modest batch of AMM grafts have been taken to standardise the method and educate the core team. Queen cages are being prepared, either […]