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John Harding Queen Rearing

[…]Associations to provide queen cells on a continuous basis for breeding programmes. by John Harding re-written by Roger Patterson The images have been produced from original photos by John […]

BIM 33 – Winter 2010

[…]Terry Clare Queen rearing group – Roger Patterson Warnholz Mini BiVo nuc – Dave Cushman The Harding Mini Nuc – John Harding Bee improvement – Roger Patterson Entombment follow-up – Dave Cushman BBKA Forum – Roger Patterson Morphometry Course – Dinah Sweet BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 32 – Autumn 2009

The Harding Hive Debris Floor – John Harding I wanted as much of the debris to fall out free of the hive, specifically varroa, and show my design for a slatted floor Three fertile queens in one colony – Roger Patterson Follow up of the three queens that came through the 2008/9 winter Variation in susceptibility to bee diseases among […]

BIM 31 – Spring 2009

The Harding queen raising system. John Harding A tribute to Gordon Hartshorn. Tom Rowlands Beekeeping in Northumberland. Dorian Pritchard Three fertile queens in one colony. Roger Patterson Brother Adam and the dark bee. Dorian Pritchard Breeding Group news. Jo Widdicombe The Bee Improvement Programme for Cornwall. Jo Widdicombe Survey of native bees. Roger Patterson Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects. […]

Section 5.1 – Queen Rearing Methods

[…]News, Special Issue Series - Queen Rearing (2019) BIBBA Articles on Queen Rearing John Harding Queen Rearing Steve Rose Queen Rearing Methods for Rearing and Selection of Queens A Simple Method of Simultaneously Raising Queens and Producing […]

Sandringham Report 2021

[…]of virgin queens from mini-nucs used for mating. Our original unit for graft starting was a John Harding (JH) arrangement. Some problems arose here   because at different times the queens in each tower were superseded, resulting in some reduction in colony strengths and apparently less inclination for the bees to raise queens. We now believe that the queen excluders between […]

A Simple Method of Simultaneously Raising Queens and Producing Nuclei

[…]be an endless number of ways of rearing queens, including the Miller, Hopkins, Alley, Harden and Harding methods.  Although sometimes seen as a black art, queen-rearing is an important part of beekeeping, and every beekeeper should have access to queens of particular characteristics that they have raised themselves.  I think the secret to queen rearing is not to give up […]
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