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NatBIP News No9

[…]area resulting in further hybridisation of the local population. This hybridisation of our local bees makes bee improvement in our area more difficult, as hybrids do not breed true and, therefore, make selection and improvement a slow and difficult task. The National Bee Improvement Programme Who can participate in NatBIP? One of the mating nucs at the Special Apiary Project […]

September 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]evolving really well, engaging with the local community, steadely earning trust with the island's beekeepers. More bee keepers have engaged with the Project thanks to the 'Game of Drones', a talking point on the islands by the locals and visitors, and also thanks to the recent Sunday broadcast on BBC Radio 4!   Supporting and engaging with the local schools has proved […]

Winter Wax Processing, Yorkshire Style!

[…]that I like to get out of the way is processing all the cappings and old combs from the previous beekeeping season. I’ve been using an old kit from Thornes for many years. Whilst this is well built, I often find that, if I have lots of cappings that I need to process, it struggles to cope. So I decided […]

August 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]60’s and this is what BIBBA has always been committed to; we just refer to it now as sustainable bees and beekeeping based on the native or near native honey bee. Unfortunately, honey bees now have many more challenges in the first half of the 21st Century and projects such as the ones at Abberton and Sandringham are very important. […]

A Simple Method of Simultaneously Raising Queens and Producing Nuclei

[…]together, or an association’s breeding programme. Basis of the Method In September 2016, at the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeding Association (BIBBA) conference on the Isle of Man, I was lucky enough to attend an excellent presentation on queen rearing by the Dutch commercial beekeeper Jeroen Vorstman.  I had been raising queens myself quite successfully for some time using the […]
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Improving bees by raising your own queens

[…]isolated. For security reasons we ask the location is not disclosed to anybody. For working at the bees, bee suits and gloves are not essential, but head protection is. What is or isn’t included? A one day practical and online video. Pre – COVID, this was a 2 day course, but the videos now replace the first day. Please see […]

BOBBI Spring 2022 Newsletter

[…]the 2021 beekeeping season.  For me personally, it was the worst season I’ve had in 15 years of beekeeping.  Cold weather then, near continuous rain, well into May, meant the queen rearing was off to a very slow start.  To put 2021 into context, I spent more money on buyer sugar to feed my starving hives than I did on […]

NatBIP News No8

[…]goes on. The National Bee Improvement Programme is designed to promote the partnership between bees and beekeepers, for the mutual benefit of both. The Programme centres around its participants not its organisers. We really welcome the input of ideas and descriptions of practices that you have found work for you. If it is good for you, it is probably good […]

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[…] Your subscription has been successful. Sign Up for Info on BIBBA We will keep you updated on what is happening. Enter your email address to subscribe Provide your email address to subscribe. For e.g Enter your FIRSTNAME Enter your LASTNAME Enter your mobile number +93 AF +358 AX +355 AL +213 DZ +1684 AS +376 AD +244 AO […]

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]from warmer climates to the frozen north. “Bees from faraway places never do as well as local bees, the best bees for you are in your yard or in your neighbour’s yard, raise queens from them”. If it works for him why do we need imports? Is it because those importing aren’t capable of raising their own queens? Watching this […]