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Sandringham Report 2021

[…]after discussion by the Committee of Trustees, it was agreed that it would make an excellent new Special Apiary Project and fit within our strategic sustainable bees objective, Approval was given for it to start and for BIBBA to provide funding. These are Eric’s reflections on the first year of the Project: Eric Marshall writes: Little did I think when […]

August 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]and project leader, Eric Marshall and his team Chris, Joanne, John and Marion on the Sandringham Special Apiary stand. The team had two observation hives for members of the public to view; one with a dark, daughter queen, born and mated on the Sandringham Estate, the other containing a yellowy-orange queen from imported lineage. This allowed the public to really […]

NatBIP News No9

[…]can participate in NatBIP? One of the mating nucs at the Special Apiary Project at Sandringham. NatBIP is appropriate for all beekeepers from the very small-scale to large-scale commercial beekeepers. Everyone can contribute and make a difference. We accept that everyone’s starting position is different, but we start with the bees in our area. The principal rule is that we […]