Bee Improvement Days 2021

Bee Improvement Days 2021

Bee Improvement Days 2021

The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association (BIBBA) will be running a small number of practical and theoretical courses during the summer months. These will be aimed at beekeepers who wish to improve their bees, with emphasis on suitability to the environment, docility, calmness on the comb, ease of management, good use of stores, etc.

The improvement of bees is an important and interesting part of beekeeping. The suitability of bees to the environment and their temper are issues that concern the caring beekeeper, but are not often taught.

This course will cover many of the topics and techniques that will suit the "ordinary" beekeeper, with a full day practical element that is easy to understand.

Who is the day aimed at?

This course is aimed at beekeepers who have several colonies, are involved in a bee improvement group or are considering starting one. It will suit those who want to raise good quality queens by using "artificial" methods in batches of 6 or more in controlled conditions. The information gained should prepare attendees for producing many more queens on a regular basis if required.

Attendees should know the "basics" of beekeeping, i.e. the life cycles, swarming procedure of a colony, disease recognition, etc, and be able to see eggs and young larvae. This is not a course for raw beginners, although it may suit fairly inexperienced beekeepers who know the "basics", can handle bees reasonably well and are capable of learning quickly.

Note: Those who suffer reactions to being stung by honey bees are advised not to attend this course. Not only do we work at the hives, but bees can be brought into other areas on combs and clothing. There is always a chance of being stung. Circumstances vary, where some locations may not be in an area that enjoys a speedy ambulance service. It is also unlikely there will be tutors or attendees who are able or qualified to deal with an emergency.

Where are the improvement days being held?

We are in the process of finalising our host apiaries and will update this page in due course.

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