Tom Law

Tom Law

Tom Law


In a previous life Tom was Director of international software support
groups across Eurasia and latterly drove mergers and acquisitions for a
top ten global corporation.

Bees have kept Tom for many years as a serious hobby; a prolific swarm
collector, Tom has a new beehive for every swarm he collects.
Tom is also a Director of the International Bee Research Association and
trustee at Hampshire Beekeepers Association.

After semi retiring and walking away from the rat race, Tom shifted focus
to synergies within apiculture and corporate bio diversity.

In 2016 Tom installed 24 beehives and colonies around Heathrow airport,
this has now increased to 34 (2017).
Is also beekeeper to Blackmoor Estate, where successful pollination of the
commercial apple. pear and cherry orchards (largest in Hampshire) is

Education is critical, BeekeeperTom provides honey bee awareness to
schools and charities, honeybees are the public relations face of insect
pollinators, critical to the success with many food crops and plants.

Tom is now setting up a bee centre at Heathrow airport that includes a
training area, classroom and dedicated lab for breeding local/native dark
There will also be full size observation hives.