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Elements of genetics with special reference to the Bee

Mesquida, J

Soft Cover; ISBN 2-905851-02-3

£6.50 (+£1.50 p&p)

The Principles of Bee Improvement

by Jo Widdicombe 86pp 2015
£11.95 (+£1.50 p&p)
Jo Widdicombe, B.Sc. (Hons.) Environmental Science, has been beekeeping for over 30 years and has been a member of BIBBA for more than 25 years, serving on the BIBBA Committee. Jo worked as a Seasonal Bee Inspector for 5 years and is a Bee Farmer in Cornwall running over 100 colonies.

”The Principles of Bee Improvement” offers a practical approach and is an attempt to lay down guidelines which are true and applicable to beekeepers in any circumstance.


The Honeybees of the British Isles

by Beowulf A. Cooper (Hardback) 166pp 1986
Awaiting Re-print
£17.80 (+£2.80 p&p)
Beowulf Cooper was one of the founding members of what is now the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA). The fundamental drive behind this organisation is that the best honeybee for the British Isles is the native dark bee (Apis Mellifera Mellifera) and that contrary to popular belief the native bee had not been wiped out by the so called “Isle of Wight disease” in the early twentieth century.


The Dark European Honeybee

Ruttner, F.; Milner, E.; Dews, J.E. 56pp 2004
£9.00 (+£1.50 p&p)
Dealing with subject of the dark European bee and it covers the behavioural characteristics of this bee which is native to the British Isles. It is a practical guide which includes the morphometric standards for its identification

Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee

Ruttner, F. trans A& E Milner (Paperback) 152pp 1988
£13.00 (+£2.80 p&p)

Queen Raising. The Jenkins Way

Jenkins G. 24pp 1984
£5.00 (+£1.50 p&p)

Pedigree Bee Breeding in Western Europe

a BIBBA publication 72pp 1983
£3.00 (+£1.50 P&P)

Chinese Grafting Tool

Recommended for grafting young larvae for queen rearing
1 for £1.50 (+£1.50 p&p)
3 for £4.00 (+£1.50 p&p)

It looks like a ballpoint pen. A non-slip grip in the middle section gives you excellent control. The tip is a small very thin flexible plastic tab, which slides up under the larva and when you push the end the larva is pushed off the tip.



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