Lymm Dark Bee Project – WA13

Lymm Dark Bee Project – WA13

To Improve the local bee stock in terms of the Characteristics chosen annually by the members, while moving the genetic quality towards the locally evolved Dark Bee.

The LDBP is a collective bee improvement group within the WA13 post code and the adjacent post codes. Effectively within the Woolston, Partington, Altrincham, Knutsford, Grappenhall and Latchford area. To date we have identified nineteen beekeepers whose bees are overflying and would welcome contact from any other beekeepers within this area.

Overall objectives

To improve the bees within our local area by a collective effort, by establishing a voluntary non import area and breeding from the best queens in the area, fertilized by drones with the characteristics desired by the membership.

A Core group do most of the work consisting of members with larger apiaries or enthusiastic beekeepers who are prepared to help and have the time. All members, if they wish, offer their best queens and drones for breeding, after FOC disease and suitability checks the queen nearest to Apis.mellifera.mellifera (Amm) and the drones from the four colonies  showing the desired characteristics, are selected for the next breeding programme. After breeding each member receives at least one queen for increase or to replace the queen in their lowest scoring colony.

If you are a beekeeper with a couple of hives in your garden a bad winter can devastate your beekeeping year, by joining LDBP you have the best chance of winter survival, complete support when colonies die, confidence in the health of your bees without purchasing expensive replacements and risking importation of disease into the area. Any amateur beekeeper with bees based within five miles from the centre of the group, will receive at least one FOC queen in return for their commitment not to purchase bees other than Amm from outside the area.

Frank Hilton

Colonsay Black Bees

Colonsay Blacks

“I would say that breeding from and improving mongrels is still a well worth and very important project. Much better working with what you have rather than constantly importing stock. In the end they will only bring new viruses or another disease!”
Andrew Abrahams


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