BIBBA are committed to helping beekeepers to improve their bees in a number of ways, including courses, workshops, demonstrations, lectures and conferences. These will be in line with the aims of BIBBA, with the emphasis on native bees and those displaying their characteristics.

Events are of different durations and can take a number of forms, both with and without live bees. They are often run in conjunction with local hosts, mainly BKAs.

We have standard events that with minor adjustments can be staged in any locality.Please see below for brief description, then press “Read More” button for full description.

Dates and details of BIBBA events that are planned will be added to the website and announced to members; non-members can  sign up here for BIBBA Humm

“Bee Improvement for All” (BIFA) Days

“Bee Improvement for all” is a one day course that is designed to help beekeepers to improve their bees by using some of the opportunities that bees give them during the season, as well as giving information to those who wish to raise more queens ...
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Improving bees by raising your own queens – one and two day courses

The improvement of bees is an important part of beekeeping. The suitability of bees to the environment and their temper are issues that concern the caring beekeeper, but are not often included in tuition. This course will cover many of the topics and techniques that will suit the "ordinary" beekeeper, with a large practical element ...
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If you would like an event in your area, either a standard one or something different to suit you, please contact BIBBA Conference and Workshop Secretary Roger Patterson by email to discuss it.